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If your home sits on top of a block or poured concrete foundation, it is likely that during the life of your home you may have foundation issues. Because the foundation of your home is underneath the entire weight of the home it is important that it remains structurally intact and repair any damage that occurs Immediatly. Our team at Americas Basement Contractor has years of experience helping homeowners in Bloomfield protect and repair foundation damage in their homes. If you have noticed any cracking, regular leaks, or bowed walls then you may have issues related to foundation settlement which can present itself either quickly or over time. Our team can come out and inspect any area that you notice these issues in and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action for foundation repairs.

Foundation Damage Signs

Below are some common signs of foundation damage that may need to be repaired. If you notice any of these issues you should contact our team immediatly to schedule an inspection and estimate.

Stiff Windows and Doors: Your doors and windows may be stiff and hard to open.

Wall Cracks: You may see cracks in your foundation or on the intior and exterior of your home.

Settlement: You may notice considerable sinking on one or more of your exterior walls.

Bowed Walls: Bowed walls occur most frequently on block walled basements.

Chimney Tilt: Your chimney may tilt or pull away from the side of your home.

Uneven Floors: Some parts of your home may feel unlevel or uneven.

Foundation Cracks

When it comes to your foundation there are two types of cracks that you will commonly see. Wall cracks, which can occur both in your foundation and on the upper floors of your home, and floor cracks, which commonly occur in your basement in the foundation footer. The causes for this type of structural damage can vary from excess pressure on the basement walls to foundation settlement. Our team has patented systems designed to seal and strengthen these cracks to keep them from spreading. To learn more about how our team can help you repair foundation cracks in your home click the button below.

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Bowed Foundation Walls

Bowed foundation walls are a common structural problem seen all over the Bloomfield area. It is caused by excess hydrostatic pressure on the soil surrounding the home. Whenever a home is built in an area with clay-rich soil, the soil will quickly absorb the moisture from rainfall causing the soil to swell. This puts a large amount of force on your basement walls and can be the cause of bowed or leaning basement walls. Our team has a patented basement system designed to pull your walls back to their proper level and strengthen your foundation. Click the button below to learn more about bowed basement walls.

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