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basement repair/waterproofing in Warren, OH
The group that came for my extensive basement repair worked like a well oiled machine. When an issue happened to crop up midway through the project with a section of my wall the team were careful to review and suggest a repair to resolve the unforeseen problem as well as immediately sharing what would be required to remedy the situation. They also followed up with a minor issue that presented after the fact by sending out an individual to take care of this even though they were dealing with a personal loss at that time. The only downside I have is the amount of concrete dust that remained after completion. Still, I would recommend this company to anyone requiring basement repair/waterproofing.
Basement Waterproofing in Selinsgrove, PA
From the time I hear from them to the time they were done, the job was a Joy to this day!
Basement Waterproofing in New Castle, PA

We had multiple waterproofing bids. Carl from American's Basement Contractor was one of the bids. We had BIG name contractors bids also. After listening to all of them, be picked America's Basement Contractor. After reading ALL contractor reviews, over a weekend, we picked America's Basement Contractor. Carl was a down to earth sales person, answered all our questions and concerns without a electronic notepad. Then on Monday of this week, Dan and the Crew came to do the internal Sump Pump System in our basement. The crew came in Monday, jackhammered approx. 92 feet of our basement and laid the Footer Drain. Then the next day the work was totally finished. One both days, they had everything cleaned up before they left and we were totally impressed. Dan and the crew were a great bunch of guys, who all did their jobs well, it was quality work and they were also very nice and down to earth. They are worth their weight in gold. From start to finish, it was a very good experience and we would HIGHLY recommend this team.

Just a second comment, we had an Internal Sump Pump System installed in our basement from Family room, Bathroom and garage, not Drain Replacement. Just wanted to correct that. Also, want to say Thank You to Home Advisors for recommending America's Basement Contractor. Without Home Advisors, we would not have know about this company. Again, great service and price for truly quality work.

Foundation Repair - Support Beam Replacement in Hermitage, PA

I had them install new custom made support posts under my I beam in my basement. They replaced the original much smaller jack posts (like the ones you find at home improvement stores). Was well worth the money to have the job done properly and with more substantial posts. Not only did the house become more structurally secure, but it alleviated a problem I was having with some interior doors that would not close properly! Everyone was very professional, and Ethan did a great job. I would highly recommend them.

Basement Waterproofing in Girard, PA
First class company workers were friendly and courteous very quality work and reasonable price
Basement Waterproofing in Titusville, PA

We were researching on-line about how to correct our wet basement problems when we found this company through Home Advisors . The next morning we got a call from the Carl, the owner of America's Basement Contractor company. He explained about the company and answered all of our questions about their drainage system. The next morning we met with Ethan, who would oversee the job and he did an excellent job giving us information on the materials they use and explaining exactly how they install this system. We were so well informed and impressed with the time he took to answer any questions we had. Ethan took the necessary measurements to do the job. The next morning Carl called us with a price and how long it would take to do the job. He kept us well informed every step of the way. The first thing we needed to do was move our oil tank, Carl knew of a Company he had used before, Greenville Comfort Systems and made all the arrangements for them to come, which the next morning they were here and carefully emptied part of the tank. and moved it, the workers were polite and so far we were pleased with what they did. They will come back once the concrete dries to put the tank back and put the oil back in. When Ethan and his crew came to do the drain work we were so impressed with their work we decided to go ahead and put the mildew and mold resistant wall covering. Carl quoted us a good price for the wall system also. We were 100% pleased with Carl, Ethan, and the work crews. They were prompt, hard working and very courteous. We now have a mold free basement and one that will be useable. The price we were quoted from Carl in the beginning was the price we were charged, there were no extra charges or surprise charges in the end. One week after we were searching the internet, we are thrilled to report we have a healthier and much nicer 24X 35 useable space. We would highly recommend America's Basement Contractors.

Basement Waterproofing in Selinsgrove, PA

From the time I hear from them to the time. They were done the job was a Joy to this day!

Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg, PA

An ABC representative showed up on time for the scheduled appointment. He examined the problem I'm having in my basement and concluded that he was not willing to take on the job. The issue with the basement is water damage to the plaster that's applied over the cinderblock walls. The source of the water damage has been resolved; the current problem is that the plaster is flaking and crumbling in places, and becoming moldy. The ABC representative said that the best approach would be to remove the plaster from the cinder block, but that he had no idea how much time and labor it would take, and was not willing to tackle the job. I was somewhat taken aback, as I assumed that a company called America's Basement Contractors would have the knowledge, experience and manpower to do a job like this one. I should add that this company is one of four that I have contacted to give me an estimate. At this point three have looked at the job (the fourth is scheduled for next week); the other two have indicated that they can do this kind of work and have given me estimates to do so. ABC left me scratching my head..

Foundation Repair in Mercer, PA

They really stand behind their work and do their jobs in a timely manner. We could not have asked for a better contractor to work with. They did all the demolition, install work and clean up. We didn't even know that they were here. I would Highly recommend them to do contract work for you. If you would have any questions on their credibility or would care to see their work, I would be happy to talk to you or you could come and see what they have done for us.

Basement WAterproofing in Hermitage, PA
I had a terrible problem with water coming in my basement this past spring. Beginning in April 2017, I had water seeping in from the bottom of my basement walls 24 hours a day, every day. It was exhausting - my wife and I could barely leave the house for work because we had towels at several areas around the perimeter of the basement that had to be changed every few hours due to the amount of water intake. When we got to a point that we had bought 40+ towels and they still couldn't contain the water in the basement, and we were constantly moving them from the floor, to the washer (spin-drain), to the dryer, we were at our wits end and decided we needed to bring in a professional. Having worked in the contracting industry years ago, I am highly skeptical of any contractor who comes in my home. I have seen the dark side of the business first-hand, which is why I got out of it. I was very impressed with the online reviews for America's Basement Contractor, and decided to give them a chance. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The team from America's Basement Contractor was incredibly professional and caring throughout the process, from the initial quote to completing the job. They could tell my wife and I were very stressed out and frustrated with our basement problems, and they took great care to assure us they could help and make it an easy and affordable process. There was absolutely no pressure at the point of sale, which we appreciated, and they even put a rush on our job and moved us up on their schedule as early as possible to accommodate a vacation we had planned and help get us past the misery we were living with as quickly as they could. The men that worked in our basement doing the waterproof system installation were very courteous and professional. They were happy to answer any questions I had and show me their progress as they went along. They took the time to do the job right and it was a pleasure having them work in my home. I would HIGHLY recommend ABC to anyone having water problems in their basement. My family was so very thankful for the work they did, relieving the horrible stress we were living with, battling a 24-7 water intake. After the job was completed, they came back to check up on something I had a question about, and were incredibly fast with the response time. It wasn't the usual disappear after you get paid service I have experienced from other companies in the past. And speaking of getting paid, the price was very reasonable, which was also a blessing!!! We had such a great experience with America's Basement Contractor, and can't thank them enough for the exemplary service.

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