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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA

Enclosed basement crawlspaces with drainage and pump.

Basement Waterproofing in Hermitage, PA
They finished the job in the end of September. It is completely guaranteed for the next 10 years as being waterproof. With all the rain we have had, we had no water. We needed it because it was very wet before that. I was worried at first, but they did a fabulous job. It was pretty expensive, but we needed it before all the rain and snow started so that's why we went with them. We have not had any leaks despite all of the inches and inches of rain. They were here when they said they would be. I would use them again in the future and I would absolutely recommend them.
Basement Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA
Very well. Jude was professional, patient with my questions, and helpful during estimate process. Crew that arrived was on time, professional, did good work, and cleaned up after themselves.
Basement Waterproofing in Danville, PA
After I contacted, they came out quickly and gave bid. After I accepted, they work in timely manner. I had to co-ordinate their work with plumber and was able to do so easily with them. Everything went smoothly.
Foundation Repair in Mercer, PA

They really stand behind their work and do their jobs in a timely manner. We could not have asked for a better contractor to work with. They did all the demolition, install work and clean up. We didn't even know that they were here. I would Highly recommend them to do contract work for you. If you would have any questions on their credibility or would care to see their work, I would be happy to talk to you or you could come and see what they have done for us.

Basement Waterproofing in Butler, PA
Over all the work went well and the problem was fixed in a timely manner. It has rained a number of times since installation and there has been no leaking. I have heard the sump pump running. When the leak was first apparent I thought It had been a one time thing due to an extremely hard rain. I wet vaccumed and dried out the carpet. it rained several more times and the problem got worse, by the time I realized I had a major problem the black mold was climbing up the wall above my chest of drawers, at the bottom all down one wall and into a closet where it proceeded to cover everything. This all happened in a very short time, about 3 weeks. When I called America's Basement Contractor they were booked for over a month. I asked Melanie if she could put me on a cancellation list which she did. She called me the next day and had a crew working in four days. I would not hesitate to reccomend them to anyone I know.
Basement Waterproofing in State College, PA
In our 20 year old sun room extension to our house, cracks appeared in the brick and concrete foundation and opened about 3/8 inch in ~3 months. In a prompt response to my panic call, they proposed installing 5 steel piers to raise the sunken portion back to normal. The trench opened to install the piers revealed that bedrock depths varied from about one to many feet deep at the best pier sites and that the original foundation had been set on viscous clays so that simple steel piers would be unreliable. A.J. designed instead concrete pillars to be in deep pits with rebar extending deeper down through the clay some feet to bedrock. Jacks were then set on the concrete pillars to lift lengths of 4x4 angle steel for support under the old foundation. The jacks were then buried in concrete up to the bottom of the old foundation for permanence. J.P. explained the design and had the borough engineer's approval and mine before the installation. They used plywood on the lawn to hold the excavated rock and soil and neatly recovered as much landscaping as feasible when finished and carried away the wastes. During the 3 working days needed (more than the 2 in their estimate), they stayed on schedule and charged no extra for the more involved repairs used compared to the early pier design. I am impressed by their experience-based expertise and their flexibility in finding the best method.
Basement Waterproofing in Newport, PA
Found AJ to be very professional, he answered all my questions and concerns. Actually followed up multiple times to answer any questions and deliver more information for our consideration. The price was good and the work was done as promised. The crew was very professional and polite. I would recommend them for any work you may be considering.
Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg, PA

An ABC representative showed up on time for the scheduled appointment. He examined the problem I'm having in my basement and concluded that he was not willing to take on the job. The issue with the basement is water damage to the plaster that's applied over the cinderblock walls. The source of the water damage has been resolved; the current problem is that the plaster is flaking and crumbling in places, and becoming moldy. The ABC representative said that the best approach would be to remove the plaster from the cinder block, but that he had no idea how much time and labor it would take, and was not willing to tackle the job. I was somewhat taken aback, as I assumed that a company called America's Basement Contractors would have the knowledge, experience and manpower to do a job like this one. I should add that this company is one of four that I have contacted to give me an estimate. At this point three have looked at the job (the fourth is scheduled for next week); the other two have indicated that they can do this kind of work and have given me estimates to do so. ABC left me scratching my head..

Basement Waterproofing in Leetsdale, PA
Our house was built in 1892 and had weep holes as drainage (little troughs that go from the outer walls to the main drain). We wanted to get rid of water in the basement and install French drains. The appraiser, Joe, was early, nice, professional and straightforward. The price on the appraisal was the price we paid. We dealt with Melanie for scheduling, and she was organized and professional. The work was done on schedule within 10 days of the quote. There was a snag when a pipe in the basement floor (where the main drain for the house entered the floor) cracked because of nearby work and leaked slightly. However, once we called Melanie, she immediately had the president of the company call us back. They returned immediately and fixed it. We would definitely use this company again because of their promptness and professionalism.


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